Friday, March 4, 2016

PLM Capabilities : Document Management

In the last post, I have listed the capabilities available in any mature PLM application. Refer PLM Capability Framework post for the list of high level PLM Capabilities. 

Now, as part of this post, let us take "Document Management", a high level PLM capability and find out what are the next level capabilities of it. 

Following are the list of Document Management capabilities available in a PLM system :
  • MultiCAD Design Document Management
  • Document (2D, 3D & other formats) File Storage and Retrieval (Checkin, Checkout, Lock )
  • Metadata Sync from CAD Files
  • 3D CAD Structure Integrity
  • Document Lifecycle ( Review and approval)
  • Document Revision Management
  • Document Classification
  • Rendered File Generation
  • Integration with CAD file viewers
  • Markup & Collaboration
  • Distributed Multi-site File Storage and Replication
  • Multi Language Support
  • Document Archiving
PLM Capabilities : Document Management-1

PLM Capabilities : Document Management-2